Product Development Excellence

Front End Analytics (FEA) is a dynamic and fast-growing start-up company revolutionizing how companies do product development. Our customers gain competitive strategic advantage through our novel and yet easy to deploy solutions for Process Automation, Engineering Simulation, and Engineering Services. Our solutions lead to More Innovation, Higher Quality, Reduced Time To Market, and Lower Costs.


EASA is a patented rapid application development, simulation data management and process automation cloud-computing (internal or external) platform. It comes with a powerful, yet easy to use application authoring environment allowing you to rapidly create, manage and publish customized (“Fit For Purpose”) web-enabled software applications. 

These customized (“Fit For Purpose”) software applications are particularly useful for doing Rule Based Design (a.k.a. “Rule Based Engineering”), where you embed your engineering best practices into the application itself. This allows you to enforce your design best practices, automate your product development, and standardize your processes, while EASA seamlessly manages your Engineering Data, various Engineering Software (CAD/CAE, Internal Codes, MATLAB and Excel Spreadsheets) and Enterprise Systems (RM, ERP, PLM and Databases). You can build these applications with a number of advanced process automation and error control features. Typical features include: being able to search & leverage prior product designs, automatically populate parameters, prevent users from entering inconsistent input sets, enforce design rules & flow, manage units, flag outlier results, and standardize reports creation to name a few.

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SIMULIA from Dassault Systemes is the premiere engineering simulation suite in the market today. It is defining new standards for product innovation by establishing Finite Element Analysis and realistic engineering simulation as an integral business process in the product development value chain.

The SIMULIA suite is comprised of: ABAQUS UNIFIED FEA (Finite Element Analysis & Multi-physics Simulation), FE-SAFE (Powerful Easy-to-use Fatigue Analysis), ISIGHT (Parametric Optimization & Expert Process Management), and TOSCA (Non-parametric Optimization). SIMULIA delivers a scalable suite of unified analysis products that offer users a powerful and complete solution for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems covering a vast spectrum of industrial applications.

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We are your trusted engineering product development partner offering an integrated and yet flexible approach to engineering services. Our Engineering Services offering leverages our Process Automation and Engineering Simulation solutions. 

We offer Complex Engineering Services to solve some of your more challenging product development problems using the powerful SIMULIA suite of non-linear Finite Element Analysis and realistic engineering simulation software applications. We also offer through our partners, Low Cost Outsource Engineering Services. These services can leverage the enforcement of your design best practices through EASA’s customized (“fit for purpose”) software applications. This results in quicker turnarounds and higher quality from your engineering supply chain, while enabling your best engineers to focus their skills on innovation and higher level engineering responsibilities.   

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