Front End Analytics (FEA) is leading provider of services and software for:

ENGINEERING SIMULATION: How do you know your product design meets desired performance requirements? Could simulation shorten your development times, reduce costs, and differentiate your products by making you gain better engineering product insights, reducing design cycles, and enabling you to develop more optimized products? The answer is YES! We provide software and services utilizing the leading engineering simulation suite in the market today. The SIMULIA suite is comprised of Abaqus for Finite Element Analysis & Multiphysics Simulation, Fe-Safe for Fatigue Analysis, Isight for Process Integration & Design Optimization, and Tosca for Topology Optimization. SIMULIA is continually redefining new standards for product innovation through realistic analysis and simulation.

PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS: How good is your model? Do you understand the error and uncertainties in your predictions? How do you combine heterogeneous data types in your models? Our predictive analytics capability is composed of three elements: Model Validation – to determine if a numerical model accurately depicts a physical system,  Uncertainty Quantification & Propagation – to incorporate and propagate the effects of uncertainty into your predictions, and Information Fusion – to incorporate the effects of  heterogeneous data types in your predictive models.

PROCESS AUTOMATION: What if the product design and analysis knowledge of your experts could be tapped on-demand? Enabling the safe distribution of a certain subset of engineering models for other team members to use may be very valuable to your organization. We use server platforms like EASA to rapidly create Intelligent Fit-for-Purpose Apps that enable the safe distribution of experts’ models to other team members. Whether based on MATLAB scripts, Excel sheets, internal codes, or CAD/CAE models, this capability allows non-experts to tap into your experts’ experience on-demand, without tapping into their busy schedules.

Whether in automotive, aerospace, industrial, or medical markets, our software and services are already helping customers transform the way they develop products, through increased innovation, higher quality, reduced time-to-market, and lower costs.  Allow us to become your strategic partner in your quest for engineering excellence, and we can provide this true business advantage for you too.



Innovate and differentiate your product by gaining functional performance insights through powerful engineering simulations.


Avoid subjectivity and gain confidence on the validity of your simulated models that you and your team require.


Use Intelligent Fit-for-Purpose Apps to democratize your experts’ models, templates, and know-how for others in your company.