Front End Analytics (FEA) develops Intelligent Fit-for-Purpose Apps that automate product development processes and distributes the leading engineering simulation software in the market today. Our products and services powers innovation and automate processes, thereby transforming how our customers develop, sell, and service their products. We deliver true business advantage through quantified results leading to More Innovation, Higher Quality, Reduced Time To Market, and Lower Costs.

What if anyone within your company who wanted to create a product design could do it per company’s standards, within minutes and with reduced reliance on your company’s experts? What if the product design and simulation knowledge of the engineering experts could be tapped on-demand? Our Intelligent Fit-for-Purpose Apps embed experts’ knowledge enabling non-expert users the ability to perform complex product development workflows that traditionally only experts have been able to complete.

How would your business change, if your product innovations were driven by having great insights into your products’ functional performance? Would you then develop more sophisticated and optimized products that customers would be willing to pay more for?  We are a value solutions distributor of Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA, which is defining new standards for product innovation through realistic product simulation software.

We offer our customers strategic competitive advantage through our novel and easy to deploy solutions. Our products and services are applicable for a number of industries including Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Energy & Process Industries, Industrial Manufacturers, Consumer Goods & High Tech, and Medical Devices & Life Sciences.

Check out our solutions below:

Process Automation

Develop products efficiently and enable the safe creation of complex designs by anyone who needs it through the use of Intelligent Fit-for-Purpose Applications.

Product Simulation

Innovate and differentiate your product by gaining functional performance insights through powerful and sophisticated engineering simulations.