Front End Analytics (FEA) is a dynamic technology company transforming the way leading companies create, sell and service products.

What would it mean to your business, if anyone who wanted to create a product design could do it per company’s standards, within minutes and with reduced reliance on your company’s experts? Would you get your products to market faster? Would your products’ quality increase? Would your sales cycles be reduced? Our intelligent automation methods enable engineers to create products at a fraction of the time it traditionally has taken them and allows non-experts, such as, Sales Reps to in real-time and within minutes create product designs based on customer’s requirements.

How would your business change, if your product innovations were driven by having great insights into their functional performance? Would this allow you to develop more sophisticated and optimized products? Would your customers be willing to pay more for your products?  We are value solutions partners with Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA, which is defining new standards for product innovation through realistic product simulation software.

We offer our customers strategic competitive advantage through our novel and easy to deploy solutions in Process Automation, Product Simulation and Engineering Services. We provide quantified results that lead to More Innovation, Higher Quality, Reduced Time To Market, and Lower Costs.

Check out our solutions below:

Process Automation

Develop products efficiently and enable the safe creation of complex designs by anyone who needs it (e.g. Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Operations, etc.).

Product Simulation

Innovate and differentiate your product by gaining functional performance insights through powerful and sophisticated engineering simulaitons.

Engineering Services

No need to do it all yourself. Allow us to help you develop you product through our integrated and flexible engineering services offering.