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Front End Analytics provides software and services that use Advanced Statistics, Simulation Methods and Artificial Intelligence to solve complex engineering problems. We are headquartered in Boston, MA, USA, a global center for innovation and technology. The principals of the company have an extensive track record of helping companies from around the world develop innovative, high quality and cost effective products.

Our projects typically involve three phases:


In this phase, we jointly identify and define with you (the client) the product development problem (the pain) to be solved through a structured assessment process. We map the process steps, process inputs & outputs, and key dependencies & interactions. The idea is to use a structured process to identify the true root causes of the problem to then explore possible solutions to them.

Problem Assessment


In this phase we then craft a few possible candidate solution architectures to address the problem in Phase I. We assess the pros and cons, as well as, potential ROIs of each candidate solution and jointly with you select the best candidate. We then build a non-operational mock-up of the selected solution to give you the user experience and to fully identify dependencies, interactions and the lifecycle ecosystem this solution must operate in.


In this phase, we implement on a small scale an operational prototype of the solution selected. The idea of this phase is to identify previously undetected issues in an operational prototype setting and to better align the solution to your needs. We then assess the solution actual effectiveness and compare it the previously developed ROI in Phase II. Having shown that the solution is effective and properly solves the identified problem, we then extend this methodology to other parts and systems with similar characteristics.

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