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Our Front End applications can be applied to a number of industries. Our solutions provide you with a unified web-enabled (cloud-computing) platform that allows you to standardize, automate and optimize your product design and configuration architecture. These applications search & leverage prior product designs, automatically enforce your company’s product development best practices and employ advanced error control features such as: input controls, units management, automatic parameter populating and outlier result flagging.

Companies that use analytic-driven, six sigma centric product development principles are:

  • More Profitable – For every $1 invested in this framework there is in excess of $10 return,
  • Faster Response – 66% faster to the market than their competitors,
  • Better Regarded – More than 90% reduction in engineering errors, increasing quality.

Our robust end-to-end solution significantly increases your strategic competitive advantage by enabling your more senior engineers to focus on product innovation and ensuring quality rule-based engineering design by more junior engineers and/or your engineering services providers. The result are innovative and quality cost effective products.

Although our solutions are applicable to a variety of industries, click below to see how our solutions apply to Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Industrial, Appliances and Medical industries.

Automotive - Drive Faster

Aerospace - Fly Higher

Energy - Power the World

Industrial - Built Things

Consumer Goods

Medical Devices