Engineering Simulation


Advanced special offer is a great pack for engineers who are looking for a complete design development process; all the way from stress analysis to durability analysis, life prediction and robust design optimization. With this offer, users have access to Abaqus, iSight, Fe-Safe and Tosca user interface and can run Abaqus jobs on multiple processors (4 cores execution or 3 cores & 1 GPU acceleration). This offer is also comes with processes automation/execution with ISIGHT, life prediction execution with Fe-Safe, and linear non-parametric optimization with Tosca.

Computational Power

1 Core

4 Cores

18 Cores or
16 Cores & 2 GPUs


Starting at $3,697

Starting at $6,144

Starting at $12,668

Simulia Abaqus

Abaqus (Finite Element Analysis & Multiphysics Simulation)
Abaqus Unified FEA is the premiere Finite Element Analysis & Multi-Physics engineering product simulation software in the market today with advanced features for: nonlinear analysis, coupled physics, complex materials, complex assemblies, contact analysis, fracture mechanics & failure analysis. ABAQUS offers powerful and complete solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems covering a vast spectrum of industrial applications.
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Isight (Process Integration & Design Optimization)
Isight is a robust parametric optimization and expert process management tool that can identify optimal design parameters to given constraints. It has advanced features for: Robustness & Reliability, DOE & RSM, MDO, and Parametric Sizing & Shape. ISIGHT can also combine multiple cross-disciplinary models and applications together in a simulation process flow and automate their execution across distributed compute resources.
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Fe-Safe (Fatigue Analysis)
Fe-Safe is a powerful easy-to-use fatigue post-processor with proven techniques to accurately determine the fatigue life of metal components under complex cyclic loading. FE-SAFE combines finite element analysis engineering simulation results from multiple loading conditions with the cyclic load history to predict the life of the component. It includes a database of cyclic material property data, and permits users to add their own property data from fatigue tests.
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Tosca (Topology Optimization)
Tosca is a powerful topology optimization software for both fluids & structures. TOSCA STRUCTURE allows for rapid and reliable optimized design of lightweight, rigid and durable components and systems resulting in designs with optimum relation between weight, stiffness and dynamic behavior. TOSCA FLUID is the only available system for topology optimization of channel flow problems.
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