Simulation Democratization

Simulation Democratization


Democratize your experts’ tools and experience and empower other stakeholders in your company by using Intelligent Fit-for-Purpose Apps. These web-browser apps can range from simple to complex, integrating with as many back-end applications and scripts as needed.  But make no mistake, the code-less authoring environment makes app creation simple, and when knowledge is captured in Excel spreadsheets, our import wizards can turn spreadsheets into apps in minutes!


The typical engineer’s toolbox consists of various templates, standard procedures, and a variety of models at different levels of abstraction – all captured in Excel sheets, MATLAB scripts, various CAD/CAE models, or internal scripts.  When such tools remain isolated or in the hands of a few, that forces those engineers only to perform the tasks with these tools, perpetuating inefficiency.

We help you break this model, and free your experts’ time for more strategic tasks, by enabling this browser-based engineering toolbox that can be leveraged by the extended team.


The following is a sample of the features that our system provides. Be sure to see how our customers are using this solution, and read more details about the Engineering Toolbox below.

Empower your extended teamApps augment expert knowledge with common web-browser controls, thereby serving the needs of their intended user. This prevents non-experts from making mistakes, truly encapsulating years of experience in a powerful form that anyone can use.
Free experts for strategic activitiesSince apps automate experiential knowledge, templates, and models, non-experts become much less reliant upon experts for routine activities. This frees up experts to pursue strategic and more challenging tasks commensurate with their experience.
Accelerate product developmentApps can stitch together many different tools and software on the server, streamlining simple steps or entire workflows – including report generation. This allows much faster (and broader) product development and optimization.
Ensure consistency & accuracyWhen teams use powerful apps to perform their analyses, generate designs, and establish feasibility, any stage of design abstraction can see positive results from accurate methodologies and consistent reporting.
Save money on licensed toolsSince licensed software only runs on the server when it is called from the app, usage becomes much more efficient, and can reduce the overall concurrent license count (and cost) required by a team.
Simplify IT maintenanceApps run within any web browser, so the extended team can access them from anywhere. Therefore, only server maintenance is required, simplifying IT’s client / desktop maintenance tasks.

Two articles from Desktop Engineering discuss How Intelligent Process Automation Apps Work and the new role that Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM) is playing with these apps. You’ll see how they can stand alone or operate in concert with an SLM or Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) platform.